natural stone façades
ventilated façades in natural stone:optimum fixing systemsenergy efficientsustainable
natural stone façades
ventilated façades in natural stone: optimum fixing systemsenergy efficient and sustainable

Ventilated façades in natural stone: Turnkey projects

Our commitment: To deliver your ventilated façade installed, providing solutions to technical, aesthetic, design and market issues and requirements such as:

Inspeccion de materiales segun diseño y especifiaciones de proyecto

Which natural stone/variety is suitable for the project? This is the first and most important decision to be made, as the aesthetics, safety and durability of the project will depend on it.

What are the ``Characteristic Tensile Strengths`` of the stone to be considered in the calculations of the Limit State Method? We determine the types of tests to be carried out on the material to be installed on site.

What are the optimum formats and thicknesses of stone and the ideal anchoring system for the loads to be supported?

What will it look like once installed? We make a mock up on site and offer the option of making computer graphics or 3D models.

Will there be any variation in the appearance of the material once installed compared to the approved samples? In order to ensure maximum similarity, we carry out an exhaustive quality control along the entire route of the material: quarry/factory/construction site.

Testimonials from Architects regarding the use of Natural Stone

Find out how we carry out a turnkey ventilated façade project.

Design stage

  • Advice and selection of materials
  • Calculation of the optimum format and thickness
  • Selection and calculation of the anchoring solution
  • Checking compliance with current regulations

Execution stage

  • Material selection in the quarry/factory
  • Quality control in the quarry/factory
  • On-site supply of stone and anchoring system
  • Checking of the supporting structures
  • Installation of the ventilated stone façade system

Delivery & Maintenance

  • Inspection and handover of the ventilated façade 

consultoría y/o asesoramiento sobre piedra natural en fase de proyecto
Proceso de instalación de una fachada ventilada de piedra natural
Detalle revestimiento piedra en interior museo de Doha, Qatar
Revestimiento de Fachada de travertino


More than 15 years of experience in the execution of turnkey natural stone projects

We work under PMP methodology basis and a multidisciplinary team that covers each and every one of the phases involved in a stone project – ventilated façades, interiors, etc.

All of this allows us to work with architects, builders, etc., from the specification and design to the complete execution of the stone work package, guaranteeing the best results from an aesthetic, technical and economic point of view.

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We help you choose the stone that best suits the design and use, as well as to ensure that the project is carried out strictly in accordance with the pre-established budget and deadlines.

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