Natural Stone Consulting


Search and Selection of Stone

Search and Selection of Stone

We guide you to find the Natural Stone that best suits your requirements and budget.

Depending on the specified stone, we ensure its suitability for each particular project, taking into account factors such as use, aesthetics, design, characteristics of the building, etc.

Natural Stone Supply

Natural Stone Supply

We assist our client in negotiating to achieve the best quality/price ratio.

We ensure that potential suppliers have sufficient supply capacity of the required quality and in accordance with the agreed delivery times.

Quality Control of Stone

Quality Control of Stone

We supervise both the extraction and the processing of the products/pieces, thus guaranteeing that the resulting quality is as agreed in the contract.

Our more than 15 years of experience in the Natural Stone Sector, carrying out turnkey projects in Spain and the Middle East endorse us.

  • Inspeccion y seleccion de piedra natural en cantera

    Sourcing and selection of material at the source: quarry

  • Inspección de materiales durante proceso de fabricacion

    Quality control and inspection in factory

  • On-site execution control

Reduce the costs of the natural stone unit, while maintaining the quality.