The initial phase of a project is precisely when the most important decisions start to be made, based on a design concept, the usability, durability and of course, a budget.


The world of natural stone has always been in constant evolution.

Cantera de marmol blanco Volakas en Grecia

Materials traded and known all over the world, vary in appearance in a more or less subtle way, as the quarry progresses and due to facies changes, rocks fracturing, etc, of the geological deposits in which the exploitation is located.

New quarries are opened – usually in emerging countries – and others are being depleted and closed.

Due to its natural condition, the same type of stone can behave differently, not only in terms of its physical and mechanical parameters, but also in regard of where and how it has been placed, etc.

Since Architects and Designers are the professionals who advise the client at the beginning of the project, to access to relevant information quickly and easily can be essential. Aspects such as different alternatives to combine, to be aware of new materials and finishes, installation options or their feasibility, pros and cons of some materials against others, variability and ranges of prices and qualities, etc. are absolutely decisive.

In this way, they will they be able to offer their clients the best options and help them make the best decision with the maximum added value and of course, without losing sight of the best Quality/Price ratio.

In short, the aim is to avoid the high cost that can be caused by the fact that the client considers once the installation is finished or almost, that the result does not meet his expectations.

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Our mission as Natural Stone Consultants, consists of minimizing the risk of our clients when dealing with any type of project with natural stone, facilitating the whole process, from the conception of the design, until the end of the installation.

We respond not only to aesthetic and design requirements, but also to technical and market issues such as

Inspeccion de materiales segun diseño y especifiaciones de proyecto

Are the formats, sizes, finishes and qualities of the specified materials in accordance with the client's budget?

Is there availability enough on the market for the quantities, qualities and formats required, to meet the deadlines?

Does the material and quality chosen allow for the consistency desired by the customer?

Does the quarry from which the material is extracted have the capacity to cover the project and its future phases?

Are the selected material and quarry CE marked and/or comply with the applicable regulations of the country where the project will be executed?

Do the qualities of the materials at source (quarry and factory) and during installation, correspond to those agreed upon at the beginning of the project?

Architects’ testimonials on the use of Natural Stone
Revestimiento de Fachada de travertino


Our training as Geologists, our experience in the execution of Natural Stone projects and our links with R+D+i organisations in the Sector, allow us to guide Architects and Designers in the specification and design in accordance with the project guidelines. 

We help you to find the stone that best suits the design and use, as well as to ensure that the project is executed within the pre-established budget and deadlines.

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