Rafael Montero- Geologist- Stone Consultant

Founding Partner of Natural Stone Consultants. Founder & Managing Director of Albora Habitat Elements.


I started my professional career as a Geologist working as the International Purchasing Manager of Raw Materials for an Italian Multinational Producer of Frits and Enamels for the Ceramic Industry.

After that period I led to the Stone Sector and became the Commercial and Marketing Director of a leading Stone Company. Meanwhile, I continued expanding my training with two post-graduate degrees such as Master in International Trade and Master in Marketing and Commercial Management.

My entrepreneurial nature led me to found “Albora Habitat Elements” in UAE in 2008 where we have been doing comprehensive Natural Stone Projects since then.

” Thansk to this background and experience , currently we also work as Natural Stone Consultants, to give solutions and advise to Prescribers, Constructors and Individuals users, who require assessment for their Natural Stone Project Globally.

Rafael Montero Natural Stone Institute Member

I began to work as a Geologist in the Geotechnical field for a Quality Control Laboratory in Spain. However, after that rewarding period where I learn a lot, I realized I had new professional interests even beyond our borders.

I decided then, to improve my training, first with an MBA, to continue later on with a Master in Marketing and Commercial Management, an Internationalization Specialist Course, etc… I could start a new profesional stage within the Strategy, Marketing and Internationalization fields in the Advanced Technology Centre of the Stone. Scope of works where I have had the privilege to work for a wide variety of Sectors and Companies in Spain and abroad. And of course, where the Geology and Natural Stone have always been present in one way or another.

Thanks to my background, expertise, knowledge and of course also professional frustrations, currently we work  performing comprehensive Natural Stone Projects, and as Stone Consultants, offering solutions and advise to anyone who need support about anything related with Natural Stone.

Olga Sanchez- Stone Consultant

Founding Partner of Natural Stone Consultants & Associate of Albora Habitat Elements


Álbora is the result of the experience and know-how of its partners to contribute to a better understanding and for instance a better usability of Natural Stone by Prescribers, Constructors and of course the End User”

Partners and Contributors

Thorough our way we have grown and become a big and multidisciplinary team thanks to our Partners, Contributors and of course, Employees, in the different areas such as: Extraction, Manufacturing, Distribution, Installation, etc.


Our target: To Guarantee our customers the highest qualification and efficiency in any Stage of the Project.





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